Monday, April 25, 2011

New features survey and launch

Welcome to our blog! Today is our official launch for the beta, and we're really excited about the new platform and the new homepage. We've been wanting to add bill-tracking since we launched the original rent-splitting calculator. The coolest new features:
  • Quick-add: You can type expenses (and payments) in plain English.
  • Email reminders: Because everyone forgets.
  • Tracking: We keep track of who writes the rent check when it gets paid. No emails necessary.
Features we are still working hard on:
  • Online payments
  • More and better fairness tools
We have lots of ideas for new features: take our survey if you have a strong opinion.

In porting over everything from our old blogspot address and, we may have dropped a few links or missed a few things. So if you find a bug or a dead link, don't be shy - use the feedback tool or email us at

Here are some images of the cool features in action.

Adding an expense in English (with a date):

It knows!

Our emails are friendly:

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